Visit to the farm. Our home has a range of activities to educate and entertain throughout the day, but there is no reason to be limited to home, while there is a world to discover outside.

At home, we have a climbing frame, swing and a slide with loads of grassy space to run about and play games as well as various ride on toys, pop up tents and tunnels. But while playing outside is good fun, I also have a large conservatory dedicated to play for those rainy days.

The children are have their own "plot of land" in the garden, where they can grow their own vegetables or flowers, and along side the plot there is a wooden play house filled with a play kitchen unit and lots of home play equipment.

Indoors is where we do painting, drawing, play-dough and loads of other fine arts and crafts, Along with reading books, doing puzzles, sing-alongs, playing with "lego" based Bricks, cars, tracks, toy animals, dolls & prams, board games and many more activities. Then in the kitchen we do lots of cooking and baking on a regular basis. So you will be getting treats, that is if they don't eat them first!!!

We also go out to the local playgrounds, forests, local ruins, shops and markets, Baby and Toddler groups, Music group and the library. During the week we meet up other Childminders and their children for play time or going go out and about as group.

Sessions and Fee's...


Dissisit Day Care is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, including school holidays.
However, should you require anything outside of these times, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am registered to have 5 children and so please do call to discuss any session times
At present I am not registered to provide overnight care.

Fee's & Meals ...

I charge £ 5.00 p/h and £ 7.50 p/h for overtime and bank holidays (by prior arrangement only).

During the day I will supply water, diluted fruit juice, squash, milk, fruit, biscuits and their own self baked items which is included in the standard charge.
If you wish you can provide a packed lunch or alternatively, I can provide a healthy meal for an additional charge of
£ 2.00 per meal.

If your child requires additional items, eg special dietry requirements, nappies, nappie wipes etc, this would naturally be provided by yourself.